2015 Oakland Volleyball Favorite Photos

I picked one of my favorite photos of each Oakland University volleyball player from the 2015 season, as well as a couple of photos with coaches.

Link to my Oakland volleyball galleries:

Oakland University volleyball galleries

Ciara Schultz (2)

Ciara Schultz

Alli Gutschow (3)

Alli Gutschow

Allia Knight (4)

Allia Knight

Jessica Dood (5)

Jessica Dood

Jordan Lentz (6)

Breann Reveley, Jordan Lentz

Katie Chadwell (7)

Katie Chadwell

Jordan Massab (8)

Jordan Massab

Mary Grassano (9)

Mary Grassano

Amanda Baker (10)

Amanda Baker

Sammy Condon (11)

Sammy Condon

Melissa Deatsch (12)

Melissa Deatsch

Breann Reveley (13), Jessica Dood (5)

Breann Reveley, Jessica Dood

Darien Bandel (14)

Darien Bandel

Cassie Pelloni (15)

Cassie Pelloni

Rachel Grier

Rachel Grier

Krysteena Davis (28)

Krysteena Davis

Head coach Rob Beam

Head coach Rob Beam, Sammy Condon

All Gutschow, assistant coach Claire Galli

Alli Gutschow, assistant coach Claire Galli

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